The visual order, that's me. A Rotterdam based female maker, self-employed.
A bridge builder who will take you to the other side, figuratively speaking.
All this under one umbrella: visually organizing information. I'm a multipotential.

The visual order is made up of 4 pillars: art, web work, design and illustration. Four pillars make a stable bridge; you can contact me for all visual matters.
What can I do for you?

On a daily basis I am busy structuring:

  • within the frame of a canvas in the form of paintings - and love grids, rhythms and structures.
  • on the web - the design and construction of websites and everything that goes with it - I create order in the multitude of possibilities and information.
  • in the pattern of designing logos, house styles, business cards, flyers and all other promotional printing - I arrange the lines and parts in such a way that it becomes a nice and calm whole.
  • using digital paper by creating illustrations. For powerpoint, for websites, for printed matter. A single drawing or complex explanation pictures, also called infographics - with the aim of clearly conveying a structured message.

Pictures speak louder than words. They convey a message, an emotion, a story.

My name is Astrid Moors, I am of the visual order. I graduated as a visual artist (1991). Then I studied philosophy for a year, where logic was one of my favorite subjects. A few years later (the internet was still squeaky), I did a one-year study to become a web designer (1998). Since then I have a hybrid professional practice combining the virtual and analog art and web worlds.

Over time I have not been sitting still and have expressed myself visually on a daily basis.
Since the beginning of 2021 I also make YouTube videos, so video has also been added to my offer..
Those years of experience can be captured in numbers, but even better in images.

I like solutions.
What do you want? Come across the bridge, don't hesitate to ask me!

All my video's on YouTube ase translated, so please switch on the subtitles. As of march 2022 my video's are English spoken and subtitled in Dutch